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Implementing the American Society of Echocardiography Ultrasound Enhancing Agent Guidelines Into Your Facility's Policy Helps to Ensure the Appropriate Use of DEFINITY® for Improved Patient Care1

Contrast Echo: See the Difference, Experience the Impact

Jonathan R. Lindner, MD, FACC, FASE, Lissa Sugeng, MD, MPH, FACC, FASE, Rajesh Janardhanan, MD, MCRP, FACC, FASE present the Lantheus 2015 ASE Science & Technology Theater Program.

DEFINITY® Delivers Clinical and Economic Value

Reduced resource utilization and per‑patient expenses2

DEFINITY® produced a 36% reduction for patient medication, procedures, or both.

Produced significant change in medications, procedures, or both in 36% of patients2

DEFINITY® helped 33% of patients avoid additional diagnostic procedures.

Helped 33% of patients avoid additional diagnostic procedures2

DEFINITY® helped reduce intensive care unit stays by 10%.

Reduced intensive care unit stays by 10%2 

Associated with changes in use of vasoactive medications3

DEFINITY® Improves Lab Efficiency and Workflow

struggle time4

procedure time5

May limit 
sonographer injury5

DEFINITY® may increase patient throughput4,5
Peer-to-peer programs

Lantheus Medical Imaging offers multiple peer-to-peer programs to increase echo quality, enhance lab efficiency, reduce cost, and improve patient care.

Ask your DEFINITY® representative about peer‑to‑peer programs 

IMPROVE quality program

DEFINITY® is committed to delivering customer value through the IMPROVE quality program.

  • Understand your suboptimal echo rate
  • Demonstrate the impact of DEFINITY® through improved image quality and a reduction in overall costs

DEFINITY® IMPROVE quality program logo.


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