How to Use DEFINITY®: Dosing and Administration

A single vial of DEFINITY® is sufficient to capture essential diagnostic information1,2,3

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DEFINITY® offers several administration options to meet patient and practice-specific needs.1

Administration Options

Diluted Bolus1*

The Diluted IV Bolus method is an alternative approach to the bolus technique. This simplifies the injection by combining activated DEFINITY® and the preservative-free saline in the same syringe.

Diluted IV Bolus Technique

Continuous IV Infusion1

Activated DEFINITY® is the only echocardiography contrast agent approved by the FDA for this method of administration. Continuous IV Infusion provides a consistent, steady enhancement of contrast and is well suited for exams which are performed over an extended period of time. This method can allow the infusion rate to be adjusted to provide optimal image enhancement.

Continuous IV Infusion Technique


IV Bolus1

The IV Bolus method uses a weight-based dose of activated DEFINITY® followed by a preservative-free saline flush. Weight-based dosing and administration is less commonly used.

IV Bolus Technique


*This method of dosing and administration is within the dosing range and administration types listed in the DEFINITY® Package Insert.

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